Fuzzy Topological Predicates, Their Properties, and Their Integration into Query Languages

Markus Schneider

Praktische Informatik IV, Fernuniversität Hagen, D-58084 Hagen, Germany

Abstract: For a long time topological relationships between spatial objects have been a main focus of research on spatial data handling and reasoning. They have especially been integrated into query languages of spatial database systems and geographical information systems. One of their fundamental features is that they operate on spatial objects with precisely defined, sharp boundaries. But in many geometric and geographic applications there is a need to model spatial phenomena and their topological relationships rather through vague or fuzzy concepts due to indeterminate boundaries. This paper presents a model of fuzzy regions and focuses on the definition of topological predicates between them. Moreover, some properties of these predicates are shown, and we demonstrate how the predicates can be integrated into a query language.

Published: 9th ACM Symp. on Geographic Information Systems (ACM GIS), 2001