Other Downloads

On this page some useful downloads are provided.

GUI Binaries

In order to connect to a running Secondo server, it is not required to install a complete Secondo system on the client. Rather, it is sufficient, to copy the binaries of the Secondo's GUI to the client. The GUI will run on each system having an installed Java in the needed version. The Gui can be downloaded here:
Link DateSize md5sum


2018-09-18 18 MB c927e14f3806caafa4a3040d17c0966d

VM Appliance

For test purposes or on powerful computers, Secondo can be run within a virtual machine. The current version of Secondo (4.1.2) can be found here:
Link DateSize md5sum


2018-09-18 3.3 GB 6f89997095c9c7d19bc4929fafce0b59

To run it, you have to install the Workstatiion Player 14 on your system (Workstation Player). After unpacking the Secondo appliance and starting the VMWare Player, select 'open a virtual machine' and navigate to the directory containing the Secondo appliance. After pressing play, an Ubuntu 18.04 system will be started in the virtual machine containing a full installed Secondo system. Log in as Secondo User with password secondo. Then you can follow the instructions of the Secondo User Manual.

Historic versions

For nostalgic reasons, we also provide some historic versions as VM-appliances:


Here, we provide some secondo scripts.
Link Info
nrwImportShapeNew.psec Script importing shape files from geofabrik in format valid since august 2016


In this section, we provide some interesting data for own experiments.

Here we present some data sets e.g. geographical data or relations with standard data types represented in a textual nested list format suitable for Secondo.

data set description
berlindb The city map of Berlin
geodb Zip codes of German cities
metrodb Some trains of the Berlin metro represented as moving points
opengeodb German states and districts. For further information visit
optdb Some relations used by the examples in the optimizer documentation
osnabrueck City map of the German city Osnabrück
transobj A java program converting data from
vorwahlobj Area codes of German cities

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