Parallel SECONDO on a VMware Virtual Computer

It is possible to try out Parallel SECONDO within a virtual machine on your preferred system. The image is built based on Ubuntu 12.04.02 LTS 32bit, where a single-computer Parallel SECONDO is installed. The user can start to use it directly after loading the image.

The image can run on any VMWare Desktop Virtualization software, including the VMware Player on Windows and Linux, and the VMware Fusion on Mac OS X. The good news is that, they are all free*!

At present, the VMware image for Parallel SECONDO 1.2 is released, and its md5 checksum is: d17f5602ca74e8ba7211dfca6ae561a0. More details about this image can be found in: Example: How to Use the VM Parallel SECONDO.

* The VMWare Fusion has a 30 days free trial.