The Endowment has a board of directors consisting of seven members. The board has a chair, a vice-chair, a secretary, and a publicity chair. These four constitute the executive committee.

The Endowment also has a body of general members.

Membership and Election

Membership of the body of general members is life-long. This body consists of past general and program committee chairs who are active in SSTD's area and all current and past members of the board of directors.

Membership of the board of directors is for 6 years and is renewable after 6 years of absence. New members are invited by the board of directors.

The members of the executive committee are elected by the board of directors for a 3-year period. All members of the board of directors are eligible.


The board of directors meet at every conference. A main activity is to oversee the conference series. This includes the adjustment of the conference guidelines, the soliciting of proposals for future conferences, and the acceptance of proposals.

In-between conferences, the executive committee takes care of business. The executive committee involves the board of directors.

The members of the Endowment serve as a network that is committed to promoting the SSTD conference series.